"Adventure is the result of a miscalculation." ~ Teddy Roosevelt

Let us assist you in planning your great adventure and avoiding the miscalculations.

Pick the wrong outfitter or photographic safari company and you will know exactly what TR was talking about!
We have traveled constantly throughout the world to find the best outfitters, be it photographic or hunting, to fit your specific budget.  This is the life’s work of our staff at J/B Adventures & Safaris. It costs no more to go through our company.

We take care of everything from assisting you decide you want to go until you are safely back home with your pictures and great memories.


Between myself and my staff and our clients we have visited 98% of the camps and areas we represent.  In addition we have countless reports from clients keeping us up to date on conditions around the world in many areas: the facilities of camps, equipment, game available, food, cleanliness, guide personalities, trophy handling etc...

J/B Adventures & Safaris knows the areas to take younger children, wives, and those special to you.
J/B Adventures & Safaris
Call us. We can assist you in personally experiencing the world as seen on TV, read about or only dreamed of experiencing.  Experience the magnificent sights and vistas of Africa, the scream of a macaw as you travel down the mighty Amazon River, the sounds of a herd of elephant as it goes through the bush not 50 feet from you or the sounds of the Aborigines in the Australian outback.  Trekking along the roof of the world, sea kayaking rafting in the rain forests of Costa Rica, cruise the Turquoise coast and hike to the ancient ruins of Turkey.   Let  us put you in that adventure.
J/B Adventures & Safaris is one of the oldest safari booking agencies operating continuously under the same ownership since 1971. Being in business almost 50 years, 1971 tells you we definitely have the experience necessary to offer you the finest experiences possible, helping to avoid the pit falls or miscalculations of travel in the world today, visa problems, and deal with the outfitters/ guides themselves.

We specialize in adventure travel, hunting, fishing and wing shooting worldwide.  J/B specializes in making your dreams come true no matter what you want to hunt or where you want to visit.

We offer trouble free assistance to worldwide travel.
J/B Adventures & Safaris
J/B Adventures & Safaris
J/B Adventures & Safaris
J/B Adventures & Safaris

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